April 16

Storm Hound


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Storm Hound

The Storm Hound of the title is a fearsome magical hound which races across thunderous skies beside the great warrior Odin.

On his very first Wild Hunt, he is unable to keep with the pack and falls through the clouds. Landing on the edge of Abergavenny, he is dismayed to find he has transformed into a small black puppy dog. He is immediately taken to the local dog rescue centre.

Meanwhile, Jessica, a young girl, is struggling to adjust to life in Wales with her dad and her brother. To help her settle in, her Dad takes her to choose a dog from the rescue centre. She picks Storm and they quickly become inseparable. However, they know nothing of the grave danger that is closing in on them. Mysterious strangers have already arrived in town, showing an unusual interest in the missing stormhound.

This is a funny, fast-paced story. A mythical adventure which has at its heart a heartwarming tale of loyalty and friendship.

The book is filled with entertaining characters; there are unexpected twists along the way as the story  explores the nature of friendship, parental separation, moving home and developing a sense of belonging, along with a humorous touch of magic.

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