February 1

Danny’s JokeFest


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Danny’s JokeFest

A Celebration of all things Funny!

Look out everyone, Danny’s taken over the computer and filled this book with jokes, stories and funny one-liners. I tried to stop him… Honestly, I did. But who can stop Danny James?

Here we 64 pages of hilarious jokes. Funny stories about cheese, work, school, grannies, zoos, gardeners, pets, sisters, ebay, steps, parents… and more.

Have you heard the one about ‘beef stew’? Danny has.
What about fighting snails or the monkey at the cinema? Danny has.
Or the terrific jokes about origami? You can bet Danny has.

Danny can tell you a joke or two, or three, or four, or five… about anything!

He also managed to squeeze in some great joke telling tips, so you won’t be driven to distraction by your children pestering you with all the new jokes they’ve just read.

Go on, you know your children deserve a good laugh.

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