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Cheeky Charlie: King of Chaos


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Cheeky Charlie: King of Chaos

Charlie’s one of the family. Just be thankful it’s not your family.

It’s a triple set of stories here – and three times the amount trouble for Charlie and Harry.

Okay, to be fair, the accidental kitchen disco-makeover wasn’t really Charlie’s fault. But then, when Peppa Pig managed to gate-crash the church service… Well, yep, that was definitely Charlie.

And then, in the second fun story, it’s off to the Country Fair for a trouser-ripping, sheep-worrying, sticky-fingered adventure. But Charlie’s amazing antics are just the beginning, because nobody comes out of this adventure looking good.

This third story hits new heights of hilarity, and then sinks lower than Charlie’s saggy pants.

All three stories are a guaranteed hit for children with younger siblings and kids aged 7+.

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