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A Pinch of Magic


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A Pinch of Magic

In this wonderful world of magic and myth, Betty Widdershins is a funny and courageous heroin, full of determination.

Betty and her two sisters live with their grumpy Granny in an old tumbling down inn on the island of Crowstone.

Eager for a more adventurous life, Betty plans a secret trip to neighbouring Marshfoot. But when her Granny puts her foot down and stops her, Betty is furious!

Then, the problems grow worse when Granny suddenly tells her that all Widdershins’ girls are trapped by an ancient curse and can never Crowstone.

However, Betty learns about three special objects with magical properties. These are a magical old bag that can transports people wherever they want to go, a mirror which shows the holder whatever they want, and a strange set of Russian dolls that hold the power of invisibility.

Betty cannot wait to use the special objects, but this has terrible consequences fr her sister…

This intriguing tale will have readers on the edge of their seats, as the sisters race against time to try to break the curse.

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